There are several different incision techniques used for surgical breast augmentation with implants. Dr. Peter Lisborg learned an advanced technique on the art of inserting implants above the areola from international workshops and through many years of exchanging experience with aesthetic surgeons worldwide. Only a very small incision is necessary. Take advantage of his expertise.


  • NO T-CUT
  • NO longer an INCISION under the breast
  • NO longer an INCISION in the armpit



In breast augmentation Dr. Peter Lisborg makes a small incision in the skin along the areola. Then, a sort of pocket is formed behind the pectoral muscle, into which the implant is inserted. After it has been inserted, the wound is sutured and a special surgical bra with a strap is fitted according to your needs. You should wear it for several weeks.


Since the implants will be inserted under the pectoral muscle, your breast will look and feel natural and soft after some time. We only use high quality implants filled with cohesive gel for breast augmentation. They are leak proof and maintain their shape.


Dr. Peter Lisborg is an experienced surgeon in breast augmentation and has the necessary precision as well as aesthetic eye for these very sensitive types of surgery.


Mammographies, which are getting more and more important, should be more accurate after the procedure, as the patient’s breast tissue is pushed forward. Should the nipples be asymmetrical or slightly hanging, this can also be corrected during the augmentation. In every case, an exact analysis of the patient’s wishes, anatomy and the surgical possibilities is absolutely necessary.

Recovery and Follow-up Treatment


Patients describe light pressure for approximately a week after receiving breast augmentation with implants. The customized support bra and the strap should be worn for up to three weeks. The duration of wear depends on the implant and how fast it adopts to the required position. Moreover, you should refrain from sports or heavy physical activities for up to six weeks.


Since dissolvable sutures are used, there is no need to remove them.


Unless prescribed otherwise, the first check- up will be after three weeks.


Additionally, you should get a check-up every year.


Need we say more? You will, of course, receive more detailed information on the follow-up treatment after your breast augmentation on our first appointment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.



Risks associated with breast augmentation at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery are extremely low. Nonetheless, we welcome any questions you may have regarding unintended reactions that your body may experience.


You will certainly receive more information on risks associated with breast augmentation on your first appointment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.



Just as every single person is unique, so is their treatment needs. That is why the price for your personal cosmetic treatment is adjusted accordingly.


We will be happy to answer any remaining questions in greater detail about the price for your personal treatment and financing opportunities with our partners on our consultation at PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.