Lipedema is a chronic, mostly progressive disorder of fatty tissue distribution in the body. Not only can this condition be visually displeasing, but even worse, it can cause a lot of suffering and might lead to an uncomfortable feeling of tension and pain when those areas of the afflicted area are pressed or touched. The biggest problem is that it continues to progress and nobody can predict its development. Only women suffer from lipedema. The disproportionally slim upper body and the massive legs are very apparent. Affected women often wear pants that are two or more sizes larger than their blouses. This is the most significant difference between lipedema and normal overweight (adipositas) or only esthetically displeasing body shapes like saddlebags.

There are three degrees of severity:


  • Stage 1: the skin surface is relatively smooth (“orange peel skin”), thickened fatty tissue with multiple small nodules


  • Stage 2: the skin surface becomes uneven (indentations form), big nodules in the fatty tissue


  • Stage 3: large, deformed skin and fat flaps plus swelling, the tissue is rough and hard to the touch.


If left untreated, the problem will slowly and steadily worsen over the years. In the worst case, the lipedema can turn into lymphedema and elephantiasis. At this stage it is no longer possible to treat the cause.


Dr. Lisborg has spent considerable time in diagnosing lipedema over the past few years and has had great results treating this distressing disease.



To relieve the symptoms permanently, reducing fatty tissue surgically has proven to be very effective. At our center we perform liposuction under tumescent local anesthesia. Within the last 18 years this surgery has yielded great results, improving body shape, alleviating pain and making a meaningful life change to all patients.

Recovery and Follow-up Treatment


Typically, you will be able to go about your business as usual after a few days. Haematomas (bruises) might occur and will vanish after one to two weeks without impeding your day-to-day life. After the surgery you will experience sensations similar to muscle soreness lasting a few days. The external healing process will be generally completed within four weeks, the internal one might take up to six months. After the surgery we will fit you with a compression garment, which you should wear for several weeks.


Need we say more? You will, of course, receive more detailed information on the follow-up treatment on our first appointment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.



Risks associated with this treatment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery are extremely low. Nonetheless, we welcome any questions you may have regarding unintended reactions that your body may experience.


You will certainly receive more information on risks associated with this treatment on your first appointment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.



Just as every single person is unique, so is their treatment needs. That is why the price for your personal cosmetic treatment is adjusted accordingly.


We will be happy to answer any remaining questions in greater detail about the price for your personal treatment and financing opportunities with our partners on our consultation at PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.