The “thread lift” is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. Unlike a facelift, sutures are placed in an umbrella-like fashion under the skin using very fine needles.

The thread lift is the treatment of choice, if you have minimal sagging of the skin and not much excess skin. This procedure is suitable for generally lifting the face—especially the cheeks—as well as the nasolabial folds (running from both sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth), forehead wrinkles, eye creases, lifting of the eyebrows and wrinkles in the neck area. It is effective for horizontal and vertical lines. The thread lift can be applied to the body too, especially for lifting the tissue of the upper arms, thighs or the buttocks.



The sutures used consist of PDO (polydioxanone), a material that has been employed successfully for decades in the heart and vascular surgery.


In the weeks after the thread lift, collagen production will increase tightening in the tissue and will continue lifting the treated areas effectively. The final result will be visible after four to eight weeks after the treatment and only after this period should you evaluate the results.


Unlike sutures of the past, these stitches will dissolve after six to eight months, so the treatment is very well tolerated.

Recovery and Follow-up Treatment


Light bruising or feelings of tightness might occur for a few days.


Need we say more? You will, of course, receive more detailed information on the follow-up treatment on our first appointment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.



Risks associated with thread lifts at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery are extremely low. Nonetheless, we welcome any questions you may have regarding unintended reactions that your body may experience.


You will certainly receive more information on risks associated with thread lifts on your first appointment at the PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.



Just as every single person is unique, so is their treatment needs. That is why the price for your personal cosmetic treatment is adjusted accordingly.


We will be happy to answer any remaining questions in greater detail about the price for your personal treatment and financing opportunities with our partners on our consultation at PKLP Aesthetics – Center for Aesthetic Surgery.